Kitten Reservation/Deposit Changes

We will now be taking deposits for future kittens (by color preference) once approved as a potential bengal owner. Sign up for more information on this here:

​If you contact us with a specific kitten you are interested in, and get approved, we will only wait 24 hours for a deposit to be placed before moving on to the next person. No exceptions.

We will no longer "hold" kittens for any reason. Kitten of your choice will be officially reserved for you only once a deposit is placed. If an approved family wants a kitten that you are interested in and he/she is listed as "available" and you have not placed the deposit on him/her then we will let the interested family place a deposit to officially reserve the kitten and will not wait for you.

Snow litter expected January 2018

Silver litter expected January 2018

MPLS Bengals
Minnesota's Best Bengal Breeder
MPLS Bengals  is a small in-home cattery located near Minneapolis, MN.  

MPLS Bengals provides Bengals of outstanding quality that are socialized to have a wonderful temperament with exceptional health . We do everything possible to improve the breed by providing extensive genetic testing and socializing kittens to exhibit an ideal temperament.

Bengal Colorings & Our Babies
Click on the pictures below to see each of our available colorings and read more about them. 
  1. VENUS
  2. KIRA
  3. LUNA

ALL Bengal colorings & Markings 

Non-standard Bengals

This link is the classification of all bengal colorings and markings: ​

There are many colorings and marking of Bengals. We chose to specialize in Rosetted Bengals in the following colors and unique variations:

  • SEAL LYNX SNOW (Including Charcoal)
  • SEAL MINK SNOW (Including Charcoal)
  • SILVER (Including Charcoal & Silver Smoke)
  • CLASSIC BROWN (Including Charcoal)
  • LIGHT SOREL BROWN (Including Charcoal)
A non-standard Bengal is a coloring that is not preferred and not accepted by TICA's bengal standards. The main thing that this changes is that Non-standard bengals are not allowed to participate in TICA cat shows. They are still the same bengal breed, the same purebred & TICA registered cats. Their coloring can be: Melanistic, Blue, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Lilac & Fawn. There is also a Long-haired variant called the Cashmere Bengal.​​

This is a good explanation of the various non-standard Bengals:
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