Our kittens are either Pet, Show and/or Breeder quality. They have champion lineage and proven genetics. Show kittens will be sold with showing rights (able to be shown in the spayed/neutered pedigree feline categories). When ready for pickup our kittens will be fully socialized with both handling and other bengals and will be fully carrier and litter box trained. They will have their first two sets of shots as well as their first two sets of dewormer and will come with a health guarantee (outlined in our purchase contracts). All of our Kittens are always FIV and FeLV tested N/N, PK-Deficiency N/N, PKD, PRA and HCM N/N normal by Parentage. They come fully TICA registered as purebred bengals. 


Fill out this form and email to [email protected] with chosen kitten(s):


Discount: $500 off any kitten if you adopt a cat or dog from a shelter at the same time!

$200 off any kitten if you have adopted a shelter cat or dog within the last year!

BOGO: 20% off second Mpls Bengals kitten, 10% off a third Mpls Bengals kitten.

Seal Lynx Male #1 S&BQ
Very sweet kitten, has a very loud purr. Loves to knead in your lap.

Now that we are no longer going to be breeding, we have recieved numerous questions about where to obtain a Bengal that was raised in an ETHICAL environment and from a cattery that does all the genetic HEALTH checks that we personally deem absolutely necessary in order to exclude genetic health problems and to improve the breed overall. 

Our best advise is PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and USE YOUR COMMON SENSE, you can use my website as a reference point and I will always be available for Bengal questions via email ([email protected]) If something doesnt sit well with you (conditions, lack of testing, unsanitary environment or sick looking animals) then its probably not the best place to be getting your new family member.
If everyone refuses to purchase from awful breeders then they will be forced to raise Bengals in better ways or do more health tests. You can find a Bengal that is healthy and ethically raised, dont support the mistreatment of the breed just to get a cute kitten.

  •  Visit the cattery/home and ask to see ALL the adults and the conditions that they are living in (be prepared to be heardbroken and understand that if you are purchasing a Bengal from a breeder that keeps their adults in small cages on concrete without any soft bedding in their cold garage you are supporting the mistreatment of these adults and you must understand that so long as people purchase kittens from these kinds of environments this will continue to be a normalized occurence). Even cats used for breeding purposes deserve a clean, comfortable environment and loving home/human interation. They should NOT have to live in a cage for 5-6 years without those things just to produce kittens. The Breeder should show you the parents and other cats without hesitation. If you are told that the parents are not available for you to see then leave and dont purchase your kitten there.  Make sure you support the environment you are purchasing from (you are literally voting with your money for how Bengals are raised)

  • Know the risks of purchasing a kitten that comes from parents not tested for health issues and genetic defects. We recommend that you only get a kitten once you are able to PHYSICALLY SEE PROOF OF EVIDENCE of testing N/N for PKD, PRA, FIV, FeLV, HCM, PKDef, a Stool exam (testing for Tritrichomona foetus, Coccidia, Giardia) as well as an ANNUAL health exam. Adults should be up to date on all shots and kittens should have a BEAR MINIMUM of 1 veterinary examination with their first set of shots and dewormer. Once again if EVERYONE only purchases a kitten with proof of these health checks, breeders will eventually all be forced to test before breeding and we can create a better future for the Bengal breed. 

  • A Bengal is a luxury pet, they are expensive. Make sure you are choosing wisely and supporting the best possible future for these animals. Please be a decent human being and only purchase kittens from ethical breeders that truly care about the Bengals health and future. I will be doing further research and posting my recommended breeders once all of our kittens are picked up. Purebred animals (or any breed- dog or cat) have issues. Make sure you are educated in Bengals and only support something you are truly ok with. Please help us all collectively create a better future for the Bengal breed.

​Contact Lidiya at (612) 406-0506 or [email protected] to reserve.


 Non-standard Bengal (Melanistic, Chocolate, Fawn, Lilac, Cinnamon, Blue, and Cashmere Bengals)

Classic Golden Brown Marbled Bengal & Light Sorel Brown Marbled Bengal:

Snow Seal Lynx or Seal Mink Marbled Bengal & Silver Marbled Bengal:

Classic Golden Brown Rosetted Bengal & Light Sorel Brown Rosetted Bengal:

 Snow Seal Lynx or Seal Mink Rosetted  Bengal & Silver Rosetted Bengal:

Kittens as breeders:

We do not sell any kittens as Breeders in MN: If you are interested in breeding please take a look at this link: 



We have included all the typical price points of bengals of each coloring and coat marking so that you are able to see the full bengal spectrum in terms of how much each "kind" of bengal approximately costs. This can be used as a reference for people trying to find how much a specific coloring of Bengal would cost. This is also useful for those looking for a marbled bengal or non-standard coloring. Although we do not have those types of bengals available it is a good pricing reference for prospective bengal owners.
Our specialty is Rosetted Bengals so our typical prices are anywhere from $1200-3500+ and the pricing is firstly dependant on coloring and secondly dependant on coat/markings quality (additional shipment charges may apply if the kitten needs to be delivered or flown out of state) No two bengals are the same and each kitten is appraised individually to meet all the TICA standards as a pet, show or breeder quality cat. 


-How do I reserve the kitten of my choice?
If you see an available kitten that you would like to purchase contact us asap with the kitten of your choice. Once you get our ok on the kitten, deposits to reserve your kitten of choice are $500 per kitten. Deposits may be payed via Paypal (with 4% fee added on),via check, or cash. You have 24 hours following our approval to place a deposit on your kitten of choice before we move on to the next person.

-Which coloring/marking/type of bengal is the most expensive?
Show & Breeder Quality SEAL LYNX SNOW

-Which coloring/marking/type of bengal is the least expensive?  

-What do P Q, S Qand S&B Q mean?
P Q= Pet Quality Bengal, S Q= Show Quality Bengal, S&B Q= Show & Breeder Quality Bengal

-Do you ever have Marbled Bengals?
No, we focus on Rosetted but if they happen to occur their pricing will be within the marbled parameters. 

-I live out of state, what are my delivery/pickup options?
We can discuss further on a case-by-case basis with each individual customer but we are able to deliver to surrounding states/meet at halfway points( with additional fee to cover gas costs), we are able to have the kitten flown to your nearest airport  for an additional $400 to cover the cost of the flight, carrier, veterinary certification and paperwork (depending on how close you are to Minnesota, if the new home is far then the kitten will be kept until 6 months of age and an additional boarding cost will be added before we are able to have him/her flown out), the new owners are welcome to fly/drive in themselves for pickup, and other options may be arranged upon request (contact us for further details).

-Do you do payment plans?
We do, but the full amount due must be payed off before a kitten is able to be picked up by his/her new owners. We do not do any IOUs and we do not send a kitten to their new home until they are payed off in full.

-Do you accept a check or money order?
No money order but we do take checks. Pickup will only be allowed once a check goes through. We also take payments via Paypal or cash.

-Do you do discounts for repeat customers/second kitten purchase? 
 Yes, we will do 10% off a second kitten for 12 months after the 1st sale date, but do not hesitate to ask if you have already purchased a kitten from MPLSBENGALS and you are considering a second one after the 12 month period.


Please be sure to read through our entire website as we have lot of important information about the breed

Take a look at the various colorings and decide which coloring you are most interested in 

Please do your own research and decide whether a Bengal is right for you. If you are only interested in a bengal due to their exotic looks- we HIGHLY recommend considering adopting a shelter cat! There are thousands of beautiful cats in shelters that need homes!  Bengals not only have a much "wilder" temperament than a regular cat- they also require a different environment in order to live a happy and stress free life. Please familiarize yourself with what owning a bengal cat really requires and consider saving a cat from a shelter if you are simply looking for a beautiful cat without the wild personality of a bengal!!!

Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns that you may have!
Read over our Pet Purchase Agreement and make sure you understand what is guaranteed with each kitten.
​We also HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE (interested in a bengal, researching bengals, or planning on purchasing a bengal) take a look at this link. It gives alot of information about making sure you are not being scammed and about finding a good breeder and ensuring your bengal kitten purchase yields a healthy and TICA registered kitten: